NOW TV (also owned by Sky) is a subscription service which offers access to Sky’s on-demand content, without the addition of Sky TV or a satellite dish. NOW TV offers different content, depending on what ‘Pass’ you have purchased. There are passes for Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and much more. Users of Now TV can also get access to some channels not included with Freeview.This platform is available on most smart TVs. It is also available on gaming consoles, phones, tablets and can be viewed on desktop computers. If you have NOW TV’s broadband, you can take advantage of their ‘Broadband Buddy’, a system developed to protect children and young people from online harms.

NOW TV offers the following parental controls:

  • You can filter content in line with a specific maturity level. For instructions, see here

  • Users can set up a parental PIN which will be required for mature content and making In-App purchases. For instructions, see here