Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is the most widely used smart speaker in the UK with 77% of households with smart speakers using this device. Since launching in the UK, the AI-powered virtual assistant Alexa has become a familiar voice in many children and young people’s lives. To interact with Alexa, users can say “Hey Alexa?”.

There is also now the Amazon Echo Show. This device has a screen and allows users to download apps, make video calls, and stream content.

Users can order products online, play music, set reminders, and get answers to any questions they might have. Amazon has now launched a children’s version called the Echo Dot Kids Edition which filters inappropriate words and content.

What Parental Restrictions Does the Echo Have?

Limit Voice Purchasing using the instructions below:

  • Open the Alexa app

  • Open More and Select Settings

  • Select Account Settings

  • Select Voice Purchasing

  • Turn Voice Purchasing on or off

Turn ‘Do Not Disturb’ on or off using the instructions below:

  • Open the Alexa app

  • Open Devices
  • Select Echo & Alexa and then your device

  • Select Do Not Disturb

  • Toggle Do Not Disturb on or off

  • You can easily restrict access via parental controls to inappropriate content, like songs with swear words by creating an age-appropriate account for your children

  • On the Echo Show, you can turn the camera and microphone off by using the button on the device

Remember: You can ask Alexa to delete everything that has been said today. If you want to delete data older than 1 day, simply do so via the App, where you can also configure settings to delete voice recordings every 3 or 18 months automatically. Read more here