GoTo Webinar

Released in 2006, GoToWebinar is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software package. GoToWebinar broadcasts the desktop view of  the host’s computer to the viewing participants. Participants can interact with the host through a chat function, or even through live polls and surveys. This is quite a formal platform which is better suited to business meetings than for educational purposes.

Age Ratings

Apple’s App Store: 4+

Google’s Play Store: PEGI 3

Terms and Conditions: Not specified

Core Functions

  • Broadcast your desktop view (PowerPoints, videos, etc) to all participants
  • Chat function – Participants can use this to ask questions or communicate with the host
  • Multiple presenters/hosts – A colleague can monitor and respond to questions whilst you focus on the broadcast
  • Polls – Receive feedback from participants using polls
  • Attachments – Attach PDFs, documents or videos for the participants

Does GoToWebinar have specific provision for educational settings?

GoTo Webinar does not have a specific platform for education however, it does provide an education service for teachers, trainers and learners. To find out more about this service, visit here.

What should you be aware of?

  • All GoToWebinar recordings will be uploaded and saved on their server. If this recording contains any confidential information, then it should be removed from their server and saved somewhere secure in line with your organisation’s policy.
  • The platform only has one way communication. The host(s) can see the participants’ chat messages, but the participants can not see each other’s messages.

Top Tips

  • As the host, ensure that you do not have any identifiable or confidential information on your screen before sharing.
  • If you are using this platform with children/young people, ensure that both they and their parents/carers understand what to download and how to report any concerns.
  • If you are using this platform with children/young people, that they know how to use the platform, for example how to use the chat function and how to virtually “raise your hand”.
  • Encourage young people to only use any conferencing platforms with people they know and real life, and with the permission of a parent/carer.