Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex was formed in 2007 and is a tool that allows users to host or participate in video conferencing, online meetings, and screen sharing. Each virtual meeting room will host up to 1000 participants. The platform delivers 6 billion meetings each month via desktop and mobile.

Age Ratings

Apple’s App Store: Cisco Webex is rated 4+.

Google’s Play Store: Cisco Webex is rated 4 years and up and is rated PEGI 3 on Google’s Play Store.

Terms and Conditions: If a user is under 18 or is considered a minor under law in their country or state, written permission from a parent or guardian must be obtained prior to use.

Does Cisco Webex have specific provision for educational settings?

‘Webex for Education’ provides resources, support and advice for teachers, students and parents/guardians, which details security measures and how to stay safe whilst using their platform. Cisco Webex has also created documents which give teachers advice on topics like virtual lesson plans and how to prepare students for remote learning.

Core Functions

  • Webex Meetings allow HD video, screen sharing, and meeting recording
  • Webinars – host webinars with up to 3,000 attendees. Features such as polling, Q&As, and text chat,whiteboarding, file and content sharing
  • Webex Teams allows user to share content and send instant messages
  • Webex Training – presenters can share presentations, instruct through a digital whiteboard, and even record sessions to build up a library of resources

What should you be aware of?

  • Webex offers users a Personal Room which acts as their assigned space, or virtual office. Be aware that the URL which links to your personal meeting place never changes, which means that uninvited users can attempt to enter or wait in your ‘lobby’. Always make sure your personal room is locked and check names before admitting attendees.
  • Webex reported a known bug in January of 2020 which was allowing users access to meetings, without having to enter passwords or other security measures.

Using Cisco Webex Safely

  • Each Personal Room is equipped with a lobby, much like a waiting room. Use this to screen users and check names prior to admittance.
  • All meetings can be secured with a password which will be included in the invitation. Users can omit passwords from invitations for another level of security.
  • Users can require all attendees to have an account on your organization’s website
  • Make sure to utilise restrictions on screen sharing. These settings can be changed during meetings.

Top Tips

  • If you’re working in an educational setting, make the most of the extensive range of support and guidance offered by Cisco Webex.
  • Encourage young people to only use Cisco Webex with people they know in real life. If they host their own meeting, they should ensure they screen attendees.
  • Make sure young people understand how to secure their privacy on the platform. Try using Cisco Webex together to get an idea of how it works and figure out restricting privacy settings together.
  • Encourage kindness and respect online just as you would in real lessons – this helps create a safer internet for everyone.
  • Make sure young people understand the risks of image sharing and screenshots online.